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Dec 2012
I lay here drifting in between two realms
Drifting between reality and dreams
Brief moments where I find I can bring the dream to life
However brief the moment
For that moment you’re here with me

I can feel your breathe on my neck
Your hand as it slides down my body
Ever so gently brushing the side of my breast
As you work your way to the curve of my hip
Around to the small of my back

I can feel your breath as it quickens
As you whisper in my ear how much you want me
How you have longed for this day
My mind swims with emotions

I begin to cry as every nerve comes to life
I can taste the salt of my tears
As I bury my face in the crook of your neck
You feel my tears fall onto your shoulder

You gently reach to stroke my hair from my face
As I feel your hand touch my face
I tremble at your touch as you lift my chin
So as to look into my eyes
As to wipe the tears away

That’s when you take my mouth with yours
With that kiss, that single kiss
The years of pain begin to melt away
Disappear as if they never even existed
Everything begins to make sense again

Just as I start to let myself feel again
Enjoy the happiness in your arms
Let myself feel the peace of this place.      
                            Trusting you’re here
Never to cause me harm

Another hand reaches out for me
To stir me from my dreamscape
I awake to all the pain, hurt and anger
Tears return
Only now there is no one here
To wipe them away
A Poem by KimLove "The Beautiful Butterfly"
Just a dream... But so I am told sometimes dreams do come true! xoxo
Kim Love
Written by
Kim Love  Florida
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