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Oct 2018
The sky glares at my form
                        ­            the
i let the wind ****** my hair
as he gossips away of his ex lovers, the shrubs
(although i know he loves them more)
if blackness was a song, i wish i could play it
but violins have feelings too

I am the veil of the moon
I am Light
Her darkness I hide in scratches of pen
I slither soundlessly among hives and chirps(aviaries, if you know what I mean)
But the words, oh the words
they will not let me go, they are Loud
Like the roars of a tumultuous ocean
Like the fury of a thunder struck sky
Like the silence of Love and the silence of Death
They are loud

I am the Ballad of the Bat Orchid
I am the Ballad of all things dark
And here I am to stay
Here I am to stray
Written by
PurplePanache  14/F/India
     Fawn and ns carmona
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