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Oct 2018
Rainy days are full of clouds and many say they’re sad
I think rainy days are special, in fact, they make me glad
Maybe it’s the sound of rain, the pitter, pat-pat-pat
Maybe it’s the cooler tones that make me feel like that
It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a sprinkle or a pour
All I know is when it stops, it leaves me wanting more
So bring me rain in the early morn, let me wake to it’s glorious sound
Bring me rain on tin rooftops, let it rush down the spouts to the ground
Wet the leaves of the forest and the blades of the meadow, make the ground soft for the flower
Wet the roads that I travel, fill the sidewalks with puddles, every moment an umbrella hour
Now I know there are things we can’t do outside when it’s all a big muddy mess
But what can I say, the clouds make me joyful
Rainy days are the best!
Written by
     --- and Rizna MR
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