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Oct 2018
Like a shooting star
Soaring across the black sky
And falling to Earth.
you saw me.
you actually saw me.
you helped me up
you dusted off my past
and you took my hand,
you took my hand
and showed me the world.
The world that I had seen a million times
Yet, this time was different
This time you slowed me down.
Taking me at a slower pace
Than what I had been used to
Stopping to let me rest
To let me take in the beauty
Of watching the sunrise on top the mountains
To lay with me underneath the stars
Reminiscing with me about how grand they are
You listened as I told you stories
Stories about how I got here
About how amazing the universe is
How I miss it
How this isn’t home.
You promised me you would take me back
Back home to my place among the stars
You promised me that once our journey on this earth
Was over
That I would be back home with you by my side
But I never once thought that I would have to complete this journey alone
Luna D
Written by
Luna D  23/F/houston, tx
(23/F/houston, tx)   
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