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Oct 2018
You have dropped a bomb
And shattered my heart
Walking out on everything we built.
And every. single. molecule. in. my. body
Screams NO.
The tears run down my cheeks
Pleading for you to stay,
And drench the fabric of my shirt.
Like I just walked through a rainstorm
Which explains
They grey cloud that hangs over my head.
And the hole in my chest
That you once resided in.
But you left like a runaway teen,
And I filled out a missing persons report
For a soul that is no longer.
And the boy I once loved
Is standing right in front of me.
But alas it is hopeless,
For the boy I once knew
Is nowhere to be found.
The replacement
Is simply the shell of a boy
With no spirit, no heart.
Barely human.
I am so confused.
I want to hit you and hold you
I want to scream and kiss you
I want to push you down and touch your sweet face.
I want to remind you of the man
We dreamed you could become.
They say never to give up hope,
But I am **** near close to never hoping again.
Written by
Naomi  20/F
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