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Oct 2018
What's my intention?
Addressing defected vision, and a deceptive mind.
Don't be them, it's not worth
acceptance for my head to be condemned.
Don't lengthen expectations
just for its redemption, i collect
perfections to dissect my flaws,
and what's wrong with me is not the cause of pain.
It's the pitying regain, to retain
what I once had just to be sad all over again.
I know the fear of hope, and the
way to cope is not tying a rope
into a noose, to tighten
my voice each time it's used.
Yet I'm used to it, right?
Fighting the days and regretting
my nights, I put up a good fight,
but I became blind to a light in the dark,
just open your eyes.
When did it start?

When did it stay?
They're watching me, all the things
that I do, so if I get it wrong, I don't belong.
I'm switching my thoughts and changing the font.
Maybe they'll like this one,
maybe they'll lock this one away,
and pretend it doesn't exist.
Just do what you want brain,
it's better than this-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Carson Alexander Defelice
Written by
Carson Alexander Defelice  16/M/FL
   Screaming-Tides and Lynnia
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