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Oct 2018
My heart breaks for you. Tears overwhelm me every time I think of you.
I remember your flowing dark brown hair that reached down your entire back.
My God, it was beautiful.
We’d jump out of the bathroom window onto the trampoline to see who’d go the highest.
It was incredible. We were so innocent... for a time.
But things change, usually for worse.
I recall walking in on our brother on top of you and our sister.
Both of your eyes were swelling begging me to do something.
Sadly, I had no social cues to understand what was going on...
**** my autistic brain.
I should have stopped it.
I should have told mom and dad.
Instead I failed you.
I feel like it’s my fault you choose a life of debauchery.
Rock bottom can’t be real because your keep finding ways to dig yourself deeper.
First the drinking, then the drugs, now choosing to become my “brother”.
When I first heard it set a clock in my mind. A countdown ‘til I hear of your inevitable death.
You say it’s a choice, but in reality you’re willingly stepping into death row with yourself as the executioner.
There is a way out though.
And I beg you to take it.
Please, shave your sunken face and come to the true savior.
You’ll no longer need to fill a hole in your soul because He will restore it in its entirety.
I just hope it’s not too late.
My sister came out as transgender. Yes I know its a hot topic, but my sister is ill. NOT because she is transgender, but because she has a load of mental health problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hypochondria, and sadly so much more. She was even hospitalized for these issues at one point. She thinks that this is the answer to her feeling better.

I need you all to hear me when I say that I love my sister no matter what. Yes I am a Christian, but I do not and will not ever shove the Gospel down anyones throat. I love my sister dearly, I just want her to get better from all her mental health issues but she refuses any help.

I do know that transgender people statistically have a higher suicide rate, I am not sure why.

I hope this clears up anybody who may come at me for being insensitive, I just wanted to share my heart.
Written by
CRobinson  25/M
   Mandalina and JL Smith
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