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Oct 2018
Please show me how to forgive
my heart wants to give
every last one of you
the forgiveness
that has been ripening in me for years

But my mind projects the memories
of your actions, your failures, and your lies
and suddenly forgiveness is tainted with
disgust and disappointment

I was a child until I wasn't anymore.
my youth expired as my blindness was healed
and, finally, I saw the crimson of your sins.
Have you been washed as white as snow?

No, you have not.
because only I posses the power to forgive you
only I can heal the disease of your mind
only I can cleanse the guilt that eats you alive everyday

But you never asked me to forgive
never sought out my healing touch
never begged for my mercy
were you too fearful?

Too prideful?
Too selfish?

Healed, cleansed, and forgiven.
These belong to me.
You will never know the depths of the purity and beauty
that only the humane can feel.
Written by
Sarah Grace  18/F/Houston
     Fawn, Bree and ---
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