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Oct 2018
Its 11:20 at night

And youre gone.

Saying youre tired, i get it.

Long days are exhausting.

We know she lied

Angry at being rejected

Lying about **** that almost ruined us

I know she lied

But its 11:20 at night

And youre gone

i have this nagging feeling

Deep in my soul

A soft whisper that speaks to me

Tickling my ears,

My mind wonders what youre doing

Wandering through the wonders

This whispering nagging feeling wont go away

Watching you walk out the door

I was up in the clouds,

And yet i was still put on edge.

Nervous, worried, fearful

Now I’m up in my feelings

Its 11:25 at night

But youre at home asleep

That voice whispers again

It causes my feelings to burn in my throat

When i try to inhale and accept them

Im so high baby,

but its not the same without you.

And im so tired

But i cant sleep when youre not here.

If this is how you felt because of me

Then god i wish i could take it all back

I dont want these feelings anymore

Please god take them away

I love you so much

And i never realized just how much

Just how much i need you in my life.

It’s 11:30 at night and i need sleep

So ill end it with this,

I’m sorry for ever doubting your loyalty,


Thank you for caring like no one else

Has ever before
Luna D
Written by
Luna D  23/F/houston, tx
(23/F/houston, tx)   
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