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Sep 2018
You failed to take your Drone Control Command Kit
as you hurried  off at dawn for work this early morn.

Unmindful, I mistook it for a fancy Xbox game contraption,
so commenced a match of Shock and Awe to while away the time
and with the joystick, hot and pulsing, quickly opened fire
at some evil  bad-guy villains lurking down below
(nearby, a bus with random kids
confused, in fear and hiding).

Left quite a bit of childish crimson carnage flowing
on congested streets inside a city storming
thank goodness, very far away from here.

Please forgive me, for I think it was
your very last remaining
smart-precision missile…
yes, that pretty one you’d kept so long,
and meant to use some day to sanctify
a humble wedding-day reception…
but as you know I've always had a hang
for children's senseless macho playthings.
Written by
Terry O'Leary
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