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Sep 2018
I’m sorry that I don’t smile enough
I’m sorry that I don’t tell you everything.
I put on a face
But when I’m with you, I can’t hide.
You see through the “happiness”
You see the real me.
YOU don’t make me sad.
YOU are the only one that sees behind the mask.
I can’t lie to you,
Even though I try my hardest.
I can’t pretend with you,
Even though I wish I could.
You know me,
And you won’t let me down.
I’m sorry that when you are happy I make you sad.
I’m sorry that you have to keep helping me.
I forget that you love me sometimes.
I forget that you just want what is best.
I am lost and you are trying to find me.
But maybe it’s been too long.
I can’t lie and say I’m happy,
But I can’t lie and say you can fix me either.
Written by
     Carlo C Gomez, Fawn and Sonia Ettyang
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