Sep 2018
Shartles the rodeo clown
his tidy whities speckled, with brown
no fear to display, clowning away
staring the steers out, and down

He's the epitome of perfect poise
over the tumult, and all of the noise
in barrel to hop, his *** cracks, and pops
the bull's olfactory senses, destroyed

Saving the cowboys his rule
using each and yes, every tool
as he's feeling the need
his wife at home pleads
"not in your underwear, stool!"

He's a part of the annals and fame
everyone knows his clown name
Shartles ever will be
rodeo history
with just his bowels
too blame
Shart: When you have poo at the same time you **** ROFL.
Yes, sick, perverted, but funny as all **** too!
You can't tell me, you didn't at least smile ;D
Temporal Fugue
Written by
Temporal Fugue  57/M/Georgetown Tx
(57/M/Georgetown Tx)   
         Cné, Wene, Weeping willow, Ilion gray, Isabelle and 2 others
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