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Sep 2018
...and the next thing I remembered,
I was bulldogging my way on over
to the cooler full of beer where I
saw some damnfool sitting on it
like it was his own personal lawn
chair and when I used my one arm
to push him over, I watched him
topple onto people and I screamed
in his face “BEAT IT GEEK! “ and
everything went quiet, he didn’t
even get up to fight me, just
started laughing and more and
laughter came ringing into our ears
but all things considered, you have
to be on the alert when guarding
the gates to heaven because you
never know when some beer-mongering
archangel will come and strike you down.

god doesn’t play,
the devil doesn’t play
and recess was my
least favorite subject
because when
it comes to beer...
I don’t play.

and as for the rest of the night
I swallowed moths whole and
drank beer until I puked until
I woke up on a **** soaked
couch and had the greatest
moth-eaten, beer-drunken
hangover in all its morning glory
a small victory perhaps
but it was mine to keep
and that was a long time ago
when I thought I was somebody
but there’s still a long way to go
before I actually accomplish that.
Rick the shoe shine boy
Written by
Rick the shoe shine boy  35/M/Couch to couch USA
(35/M/Couch to couch USA)   
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