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Dec 2012
my eyes
ask you silently.

i dont want the answer
the way i want you
but i can't
help myself.

can't help but
imagine that
this is the last time
will grace

i can't remember
a life
without you and the
heady suffocation
of your
gut-curling, heart-pounding
you've clean-slated me
the way
broken glass can
purge human vision,

your intoxicating soul wrapping me up
in its heated hollowness,

in that warmth
which keeps me up at night
and makes me
wish i could
in the heavy circle
of your body.

and i can't imagine why
i fear
your vanishing
when more often than not

your soul,
and your broken glass

the stuff of my
haunting dreams.
Jillyan Adams
Written by
Jillyan Adams
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