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Sep 2018
when you meet me...
                                     hush my love,
don't tell me that this depth
                               makes you afraid.
that my voice is like a siren 
                           singing on an ocean of words.
a whirlpool
pulling you under
where no light can shine with grace.

your crashing heart
is for you to cherish tenderly.

in my arms,
                  you will cyclone to the very
                                                               b­ottom of your soul.
my arms
              are here to hold you
                                            while your heartship
                              splinters and cracks
              on its spiraling
downward journey.

in my arms,
you and I will feel it all.

and when it is all over,
when stillness prevails...

from the crumbling shipwreck you
will be born anew.

a mermaid swimming through the ethereal waters of her soul.
Rising up,
                                to break the surface
                                 drinking her first
                               sweet sip of salty air...

searching for the land
she once remembered
in a time now lost.

when you meet me...
tell me that my arms are as vast as the horizon,
that they are the very water you breathe
holding you through all your waves and ire.

when you meet me...
tell me that my eyes are like the night sky,
that their depth holds the whole universe
within a twinkling facade.

when you meet me...
                                when you meet me...
                                                           ­      when you meet me...
Ilia Talalai
Written by
Ilia Talalai  Oakland
     Fawn, Seanathon, Lᴇ and aquis
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