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Sep 2018
You lay here neath the sea of lights, you are but one in a species of over 7 billion. You float on a rock in a neighbourhood of 8, orbiting a ball of pure rage and fire. Your neighbourhood is a spec in the wind for the lights you lay under outnumber the grains of sand on all the beaches. You are oh so insignificant.

You lay here neath the sea of infinite possibilities, a universe that has no end. Within a sea of a million billion galaxies there are a quadrillion billion stars. Each of them have their own neighbourhood. But there is only one with life. On a mote of dust you find yourself. On this rock there are over 7 billion souls. Being just one you have been entrusted with unprecedented power, the power to give life or destroy it. You have more power than the stars could ever dream. You are THE most significant thing in the entire universe.

A treasure that transcends time itself. You are so precisely crafted that an angel would envy you. You are blessed with gifts that no one can take. Love has come a long long way to find you, don't run, don't hide. He has waited far longer than you.
stt: Jarod Sagar
Written by
Carmella De la Pena  19/F
     Rick the shoe shine boy, ---, L B and Fawn
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