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Sep 2018
Why dosent she get it,
Why can't she see,
all of who I'm trying to be,

I don't want to be like my past,
Or the ones who came before me,
Who chose not to see all that was standing in front of the,

I try so hard to hold it all together,
I know what we have could last forever,
I don't want it to just be,
Another failed you and me,

I ****** up and did somethings I'm ashamed to say,
I had you living in an illusion that wasn't real,
Because deep down I didn't want to face how I feel,

But I see clearly now whats for me,
Your love runs deep like the roots of an old willow tree,
This is the dream I had when I was a young boy,
What did I do to deserve somebody that does not treat me like a toy,

You are the lighthouse in my sea,
Your smile is the beauty in my day,
Your laughter is the sound of my peace,
Your essence gives me permission to just be,

I truly am sorry baby,
Please find it in your heart to forgive me .
L Brown
Written by
L Brown  26/F/Virginia
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