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Sep 2018
monsters dont lie under my bed
they live inside the noise in my head
they wait behind my eyes
whispering sweet lies
waiting for when they can come alive
absorb the strength i have inside
sneak beneath the soles of my feet
never skip a beat, or ever sleep
wait until i am weak
to lead me to thier world beneath

these villians dont hide in shadows
never lead your side, and always follow
they lure you in at your worst
make sure you have to put them first
take all you have ,but still you need
your heart and soul off they feed
make you forget all thats worthwhile
take over who you are,
rest easy while you're in denial
when you are in the dark they scream
so loud and clear, no escape from the dream
when your in the light they talk too
no matter where you are they always want you

how do you escape your mind
no release, begging please, give me the light
demons knocking at my door
always searching, wanting more
how are you to win this fight
who will save you from thier night
can you find the crystal site
to lead you into moonlight
sometimes you have to face the fall
hit rock bottom lose it all
to get back up and start a new
find your path, search your truth

armor up and prepare for battle
you are stronger than these shadows
remember who and what you are
and all the beauty you have to live for
these temptations are not real
only ghosts that you can feel
fight for your life
as the war begins
never surrender
and this too you can win
Skylar Del Re
Written by
Skylar Del Re  Space
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