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Sep 2018
When I set up my profile
I put down my gender
Right away
No qualms

But when it came to my age...
Sometimes I put it down
Sometimes I take it off

And I wonder why...

Somehow, to me
My gender has been
Entrenched, in my sense of identity

When I was little,
I remember thinking
β€œI like being a girl”
And there was nothing
To it, really
No true reason
I just liked who I was

But when it comes to age...
Social anxiety
Lack of confidence
Gave me difficulties
When interacting with peers
As I would have liked
At times
Adults were kind
And I saw them through rose colored glasses, mature individuals
I wanted to emulate
At times

At other times
I wanted to be a little kid
Innocent, young, free
When we started having homework

My gender
Is okay with me
But as for my age...

There’s nothing wrong with it
But my double sense of identity
Between young
And old
Keeps me from consenting
To permenantly leaving those
On my profile

How about you?
Are you certain about your gender?
Written by
Anya  F
       Anya, Botan, --- and Joann
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