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Sep 2018
the sand was the softest that night
the sky was as blue as ever
your lips and your touch was just what I needed
to make that night at the beach even better

you spoke to me with your intoxicated voice
and kissed me with your intoxicated tongue

“i want you when i’m drunk
i want you when i’m high
i want you when i'm sober
i want you all the time”

you kissed me after that
then told me
i meant so much to you

from that moment on
i knew i’d be attached like glue

we left the beach to go get food
with our friends
and in the car
with your drunken voice you began
to pour out your soul
like you were singing me a song

i told you we’d finish this tomorrow
so i’d know whether or not believing
your words was right or wrong

that night ended perfectly
i got dropped off at home
you told me to kiss you goodbye

i told you kiss me when you’re sober
and tomorrow came and that’s what you did
which actually made me cry

but i still wanna know
did you mean what you said
when you said what you did
that night?
the fear of being rejected
i never asked
i let your actions
answer my question

instead of getting caught up
on drunken words
and letting it become
an obsession

i’m grateful your words were sorta true
and that’s what made me fall for you
i had never felt this way towards someone
and that’s what made it hard for me
when the universe decided we should be done
Written by
Alaynah  19/F/Vermont
   Fawn and Lizzie
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