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Sep 2018
The ability to leave the past behind,
The mistrust, the hurt.. Just don't be blind,
Actions, not just words need to be a must,
A new person? You can learn to trust,
Build your self love, streghten yourself,
Then it will be easier to believe someone else ,
Do not allow frustrations from before to once again come knocking on the door,
You cannot compare each and every person,
Stop expecting the worst! It is never certain!
No two people are the same
If she breaks down them walls don't go insane!!
Accept things as they happen, go with the flow
Be cautious, no over thinking though!
What is meant to be,  will be
You have no control over this you must see,
Gather the happiness and strength on your own and keep it there set in stone ,
The power is yours, the happiness and confidence you shall own.
Badly put together needs work:)
freeing the mind
Written by
freeing the mind  Dublin, Ireland
(Dublin, Ireland)   
     JL Smith, Yann and freeing the mind
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