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Sep 2018
To be among the best
Was the lad’s earnest desire.
He rose above the rest
In his soul there was fire.

He understood well
The severity of the test.
To him it was swell
To pursue this great quest.

He vigorously stayed the course,
He endured all the pain.
Himself he did force
To from quitting refrain.

Graduation day finally came,
The ceremony, it was grand.
Not longing for fortune or fame,
With proud peers he did stand.

Smartly placed on his head
Was the beret of beautiful green.
Nothing more need be said,
All was proudly now seen.

At attention he proudly stood,
With a very swollen chest.
It was now understood,
He was with America’s best.
DrJames Martin
Written by
DrJames Martin  72/M
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