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Sep 2018
Do you try to write from your heart,
But then it goes into your head,
And comes out as a mess
Like me?

Do you have doctors talking
In a language like a label maker,
Saying "they're on this end, they won't make it through life."
But you've actually gone so far
But have a few struggles
That you can't deal with
Like me?

Do you have people around you
Say they understand you
But then they talk too loudly
Around you
Without regret
And you start to cry and tear out your hair
Like Me?

Do teachers or your boss tell you off
For things you can't control
And you start to cry and scream
Like me?

Do your parents tut and sigh
Ask why
And yell when they don't understand
And you just have to leave the room
Like me?

Please talk to me
Tell me
Are you like me?
Do you run on a different system
A beat of a different drum
The tune to a strange song

Do you understand me?
Do you know how I feel?
Do you feel?
Do you understand me?
How do you piece the puzzle?
How do you see it?
Do you understand me?
What do you see in people?
What do people see in you?
Do you understand me?

Do you look at people
Observe them and talk to them
And think about their actions
And wonder
If they
Are like you,
Like me?
Emerson Nosreme
Written by
Emerson Nosreme  Non-binary/somewhere out there
(Non-binary/somewhere out there)   
       Dante, aquis, Emerson Nosreme and English Jam
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