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Sep 2018
I know its been a while
it's getting late
baby just stay a while
please just wait

hear me out girl

its been a year
full of heartache and hardships
I lost life then
but you kept me alive

I stayed away from deaths knife
and I came back to life

you had a say
and led the way
so baby just stay

them **** love songs ain't doing a thing anymore
I don't know what to do anymore
I cant live anymore
without you girl
i'm gone from the world

you've been hurt
you've been in pain
stuck out in the rain
you've felt the knife
and now you might question life

baby you know i've felt that
i've heard that
I know that

this pain
it will all go away
baby just stay
i'll make it go away
just stay

I couldn't hurt you
don't be scared
i'm not like them
they think they're the ****
but they're just full of it

take a seat
and you can see
that we are meant to be

don't worry
i'll take care of it

don't cry
need a kiss?

i'll be there
just stay
and don't you worry
I'll stay too
i'll stay
Im not sure if this is good, please give feedback. I hope that this makes sense. This could be a song, but I dont know how to get the rhythm.
Alexander T
Written by
Alexander T  18/Other/Arizona
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