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Sep 19
I thought of you once more,
The way you broke me,
My heart is at war,
I no longer wish to be.
My wings lost all their feathers,
I can never fly,
I just sit and write letters,
Until my thoughts die.
You indeed strangled me,
A little innocent rose,
I cannot let my petals flee,
Pain is what I chose.
Bursting in flames,
My heart still cries,
When it hears your name,
Denying your lies.
My soul consisting of agony,
Wishes to become a ghost,
Disappearance my path shall be,
I will run from you the most.
Your name will never caress my lips again,
Nor will you break my bones,
The memory of you will be my pen,
Writing on the stones.
I am going alone,
This pain will never be spoken of,
The wind has blown,
Taking away my guarded love.
Written by
Alexis  18/F/Tuzla
     Fawn, Edmund black, NoahArkenswagg and JL Smith
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