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Sep 18
Using an old steel pliers
He extracted the entire goodness out of me
And hid it in a leather-pouch he carried
I bled profusely
The pent-up evil burst forth to attract more of it
And the white marble floor was dull grey
Where I stood to wonder what else was there
Inside me that I could easily lose
There was hardly any goodness left to protect me
I was worried
My eyes sought the last flicker of twilight
That seemed to have vanished all of a sudden
But I did not see any evil or noble apparitions
Floating about
Fear had not set in yet
The air had not acquired an acrid stink
The stink that is said to rise from the soot-covered *** in which
Morbid thoughts brewed are allowed to stagnate
Outside the leaves had yellowed
And the talk was on to ignore me
I had expected to be summoned by the keeper of Time
Written by
Ravinder Kumar Soni  74/M/Delhi, India.
(74/M/Delhi, India.)   
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