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Sep 2018
A wise guy once said nothing ,
but when he reminisced,his eyes went for a swim ; drowning in the current of your own plotted disaster .....

If the current is supposed to be a disaster but the light that leads the path way out of darkness helps , how come God managed to remove  an obstacle he did place  but not within in the current you stirred up & yet he found a way to split the sea & shine a light that's brighter  & purer than your cold soul will ever be ?

God spoke to him saying,
"The waves aren't welcoming when it comes to the whip of the wind sometimes.
Depending on the direction, it could be misleading & hazardous
The path of which road you could take can be confusing ; dangerous but I am with you ."

A title read
But a trophy never held
A bold soul spoke & stood his ground
& because of that, friends come & go
yet he's still moving up levels  that's beyond the reach of disrespectful human beings

He remembered that a leader can lead themselves  
Because following the leader
that didn’t lead can be misleading

So to him resilience is key to things that he  shouldn't hold onto.
He knew in the end it wouldn't  matter .
So he never gave up .
Never assumed those that are quiet were considered weak & those that are loud were strong  because  he - himself, is unpredictable & full of surprises

In the end, you lost him
You mistook kindness as weakness,
so you played him
like a fiddle.

You changed
into a different Individual
& yet he figured out your game as if it was a riddle.

He helped you get comfortable to this place .
Made you feel welcome when others barely knew who you were.
Gave you advice  
that was worth needing
yet did the reciprocal  treating me & others worthless when you needed to feel worthy.

So, he came to his senses,
grew even stronger in his faith ;
trusting in God
like the song
“Amazing Grace“.

Lost himself
Found his father again
Was blinded by your falsity,
but then saw the heavy truth....

You were the destruction of your own masterpiece......
Trying to escape the drowning current  of your own stirred waves while he's whipping through life like the direction of the wind onto better days of enjoyment .

Knowing the next time he meets a new face, in the back of his mind
it will not be yours
because the memories ,
the pain you
“didn't mean to cause”,
the agony he went through all those days
will all be erased
in silence .

Thank you ,
because of you his spirit within
was never crushed
it still lives on .

~Jordan Munchenburg~
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