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Sep 2018
Once upon a time there was this boy.
Sad to say, nothing in life brought him joy.
Empty and alone but oddly, never afraid.
Blissful happiness could not be made.

He heard nothing but love for miles around.
But tragically for him, it was not found.
Desperate to feel, desperate to wake.
No matter the effort, nothing would take.

Traumatic events wouldn't slow his role.
He never knew what made him so bold.
Lose after lose, he lost no sleep.
No void felt, not even a teary blink.

You think how could someone be so heartless and so crass?
You contain empathy, something he surely lacks.
He walks among you, just as normal as the next.
No one sees how hollow and complex.

Life to him is just a big game to play.
It is not his fault, he was made this way.
He has connections to specials that is no doubt.
But to compare would be pointless, he will always be without.

His life is rough, plagued with boredom.
Surely God must have shorted him.
Trying to find purpose and excitement.
Left unfulfilled and full of disappointment.

2 months ago from this day.
He met, dare I say his dame?
You may be wondering who this girl may be?
Read Devotedly I Remain and you will see.

The rarest thing he has ever seen.
He thinks, whatever could this mean?
Going from feeling absolute vacancy.
To wanting nothing but Her majesty.

Her smile sends electricity through him.
He has no choice but to take every moment in.
The moments are far from wasted.
He counts the seconds of his vexation.

The touch of Her skin, unforgettable bliss.
Something he would terribly, terribly miss.
Her kiss, floods him with unbelievable things.
Something he could not dare try explain.

Just the thought of Her sends him in pain.
Simply for, She has not an ounce to gain.
Risking the first feeling of love everlasting.
Would put him in position of weakening.

Realizing what She deserves and requires.
Could he even match or begin to measure?
He wants nothing for Her but the best.
Knowing him he'd probably make a mess.

To you reader, this is all effortless.
But imagine yourself empty and loveless.
Most of you wouldn't dare walk in his shoes.
Let alone, try to stand and make one **** move.

She has proven herself time and time again.
But for some reason he only sees his own sins.
He gives Her everything She has ever asked.
Yet, question himself over and over..alas.

With much effort he tries to realize.
That She is here to stay, forever by his side.
All he must to do is call upon Her hand.
And together forever, they both shall stand.

Laying with Her, the nights he is there.
All he can think of is what could compare.
Listening to Her heart beat.
Counting, until She slowly falls deep asleep.

Left alone with nothing but his thoughts.
He wonders what she even wants.
Hours go by and Her in his arms.
He drifts to sleep never wanting to part.

The moments apart are unbearable torture.
He does nothing but wonder if she she wants him anymore.
She makes him feel things so deep.
Something that makes his soul scream and weep.

All he needs is understanding and forgiveness.
Wrong or right, is no part of his mindset.
The roads are tough and unforgiving.
But for him, this could be his happy ending.

What is he afraid, why not just ask?
To you, it's just another simple task.
To him, the simplest is the hardest.
When its love, hes not quite the smartest.

He may do things so much differently.
Just give him time to show his loyalty.
And you'll be eternally grateful for a man such as this.
Wanting nothing more than you at your happiest.
Written by
   Benji James and Khoi-San
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