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Sep 2018
I am like a fish out of water.
Yet it's too shameful to cry.
Struggling to breathe
Letting out as much as a sigh.

They know where they’re going
And brush past my shoulders.
Like a stream that never stops flowing
The water gets colder.

I will never see the end.
They're going places and they’re going far.
And I am who I am
But who I am is not who they are.

Am I a fish out of water
Or a failure to manipulate?
Am I going against the ordinary
before it is too late?

Is it the wrong way
If I choose to stay put?
Is it wrong to stay
If no one else could?

Maybe one day I'll push through them.
this poem is about being optimistic and going in the opposite direction of a one-way path. sometimes you don't know whether the end destination is good or not, you just have to hope.
Written by
       PoetryJournal, JL Smith, Santita, Fawn, Jen and 1 other
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