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Sep 2018
The years when I was a child were filled with a infinite range of emotions.
Emotions so strong it felt I could move mountains, land, and even oceans.
My childhood was full of tears and fun.
I know now I am not the only one.
I remember exploring the country side with friends.
When we were older we drifted apart and the pain never ends.
I remember all the cartoons we watched.
I remember birthdays, Christmas, and the toys that were brought.
I remember all the pets we had.
I remember the days when I was happy or sad.
When I think about it I am mad.
The days I have now are filled with sorrow and grief from that.
Though my childhood still remains.
I should be glad that I am alive, please relieve these restraints.
Every day I am reminded of the past.
Hopefully I relieve the pain at last.
I am not proud at what I have become.
Maybe now the dreams of my love.
My friends and family I will follow them.
With their guidance I will swallow them.
I hope to never remember the past so angered.
For some, hope for the future is endangered.
My advice is to find something you are good at doing.
Run for the future and never look back unless it is wrong you are pursuing.
I will keep the past pain and hardship near.
My pain in my heart is stored right here.
Written by
Eric Babsy  40/M/NC
   Ilion gray
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