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Sep 2018
Yeah into the bloodshed light at night, a pale body glimmer on a crystal cross
King of the world with a crown of thorns
That our sins are your haunting ghosts,
Don't panic
Heaven is just a myth and we will be forever lost
Lost in eviternal flames,
Married my ******* temptations,
I see beauty in everything when I hear numbers of funerals are increasing,
Behead John!
I'm better than a Rolling Stone
I'm pretty
I'm reckless
I'm that party savage!
I'm gonna yell " I'm going to hell!  I was born to fail,  I was never real! "
(I'm gonna yell "I'm going to hell!")

Taylor Momsen baby!
I wish I was somebody else!  I take that back
I wish you were somebody else!
Cut that wrist! Your blood in my ******* plate,
Now I offer to the Holy goat your feeble fate!
Don't take the bus, book a taxi because it's a bumpy ride up to hell
And just remember that there are cracks were Satan fell!
Taylor momsen baby!
I am gonna yell "I was born to fail,  I was never real,  I am going to hell"
Allan Mzyece
Written by
Allan Mzyece  M
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