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Dec 2012
Creak, Creak, Creak
My heart has become rusted,
It screams from neglect,
And the dust that has clustered,

Clatter, Clatter, Crash,
As its part fall to the floor,
Clatter, Clatter, Crush,
As a whole it is no more,

Groan, Creak, Groan,
As it presses on through the strain,
Groan, Creak, Groan,
No longer new it doesn’t work the same,

Groan, Creak, Groan
Clatter, Clatter,
Groan, Creak, Groan,
Clatter, Creak,
Groan & CRASH!*

Everything comes tumbling down,
With one large steel thrash,
Streaming smoke of brown,
Starts to fill the air of the bash,

A heart worn out,
Because a owner could not hear its shout,
That begged her from the start,
To please oil the creaks in her heart.
Lesley Rautenbach
Written by
Lesley Rautenbach
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