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Sep 2018
Life is lived, with hope for better.
when life is dry, God makes it wetter
If then it's cold, He gives us sweater
and no regreats, will come in later
When heavy to bear, He makes it lighter

Problems may come, but just for a while
sometimes are bitter, almost like bile
life is pattern, and problems are tile
leave them to God, mind what's worthwhile
even when long, sometimes like nile
prepare to thank, God in your file

Life is cold, and friends are gold
hearts are bold, but never sold
always thank God, till you are old
some hearts to fold and others to hold
friends and lord, they drive the world

when you are down
they always crown
if you are worn,
they make you own
joy is the noun
even if unknown

Some leave your heart, while others swell
in times of draught, they make a well
with flacid mood, they make it swell
create an heaven and remove the hell
when you rise, everyone will tell
arise and shine, coz now you are well
Written by
Shady Teddy  Masii, Kenya
(Masii, Kenya)   
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