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Sep 2018
Hence, also in another place,                                I am *****;
*****; In Latvia, sometimes
from the other way around the adjective;            narrow
understanding of the bald;
On the rising piece of alt girl's feet
Do not listen to her empty bare feet,  of nature's own *****
again;     twelve same & the walls of the square
is the work that they were *****; Glory to you w/ sackcloth,
to buy a few have sprouted sacks; End of all things is taken
the form of;                                The ***** lens of Lebanon
& one simple;                                         simple, the pictures
by the end, simple surface is rough;                          & more
matter of his dreams;  He saw poor; till
***** & welcome,  his mind open that
It is clear that there is a plan & having
as deniers of their own to his person
*****, his clothes, stripped them of their private citizens,
out of labor in vain: he was *****;
*****; that which was evil flavorless,
unarmed, have left us;                         All ***** & w/out
any armor protection who exposes himself
to be above; You can not be secured in some,
I was already catered for; depopulated in the man,
of course, that he set out he was uncovered
within the field, *****,                  in a few words;
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Johnny  Noiπ
Written by
Johnny Noiπ  ... ∞oπ ~☉✎♀︎₪ xo∞ ...
(... ∞oπ ~☉✎♀︎₪ xo∞ ...)   
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