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Sep 2018
There is a light following behind me.
Making a angry shadow in front of me.
Should I turn to the safety of the light;
Or investigate my curiosity in a parallel universal fight.
The light beckons for me to come home where everything will be fine.
The shadow represents my future self within my new design.
For me to accept this new variation of myself I must slow down time.
I must accept and inspect from my past design.
The influence of the light has brought to this confrontation.
The maddening thought is how can I change without positive reconciliation.
As the light fades on another day.
Will I change in some other way.
The decision is to try to make a change on myself.
By putting all life’s tragedy’s on the shelf.
Forget them and stash them far beyond the comprehension of oneself.
Deep into my memories I will dwell.
With the rising of another day.
I see my shadow and look on it with dismay.
Have I changed?
Maybe I have just rearranged.
Whatever is done is done.
Next time I meet my shadow I might turn and run.
Although change might be good for me.
I most of time I do not see.
The light carry’s us away.
No longer will we be crowded in dismay.
Written by
Eric Babsy  40/M/NC
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