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Sep 14
a new chapter beseeches for the death of the character
anew; atop the flood of cleaner fluid
scraps on the ground for the coming of everything contained
splashed with the seeds of Lavender
it smells nice but does the body writhe in perseverance under the foot
or does the palate for the crusade of being lost at sea finally the
magnitude that devours the movement in incadescense
like the swallowing of a sun
slow burn and nothing left but the absence of something that has been so familiar you can only feel it when the lamp refuses to turn on
you're left in the dark soaking in all the times that were the last and when was the last palpable throat that tucked your wrist upside down and whispered
you're not in charge
to be continued, might add to it later
girl gonzo
Written by
girl gonzo  salmon colored room
(salmon colored room)   
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