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Sep 2018
Hey Kid hold this,
Anne said.

Benny took
her artificial leg
while she rubbed
her leg stump.

It seemed odd to him
holding a leg.

**** the leg,
she said.

Benny looked
at the stump.

Looks red,
he said.

****** sore
where it rubs.

See Sister Paul
about it.

**** her
the penguin.

She looked at Benny.

Wish I never saw
the ****** leg.

She stood up
with the aid
of her crutch
and the red dress
fell over the stump.

What shall I do
with your leg?

He held it
towards her.

Dump it
in my dormitory
and meet me
on the lawn.

She crutched off
along the passage.

He carried the leg
to her dormitory
and laid it on her bed
and walked out
on to the lawn.

Sister Rose was talking
to Anne who was sitting
on a white chair.

He stood there
and listened.

So why have
you not
put on your leg?
Sister Rose asked.

My leg's sore
so I have left it
off to heal.

Have you asked
Sister Paul?

No it's my
stump and leg
not hers,
Anne replied.

She will not
be pleased
about this.

Benny sat on the chair
next to Anne.

I will have to
inform her.

Do what you like.

The nun walked off
like a dejected rook
in black.

Let's go to the beach
away from the fecking penguins,
she said to the Kid.

So he walked beside her
as she crutched between
the avenue of trees
towards the back gate.

He gazed behind them
but no one seemed
to see them
so moved away
to the beach
far from the nuns' sight
or reach.
A boy and girl in London in a nursing home in 1959
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
   Data, L B and Marshal Gebbie
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