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Sep 2018
My body is
Increasingly becoming sick
It's becoming disgusting
With all the harmful things
That I allow to
Pass through my lips.
I'm always tired
I do little exercise
I feel always out of breath
I almost never drink water
I am lousy with unhealthiness.
I hate food.
I hate what it does to me
I hate how it makes me feel.
But most of all
I hate that I am
So hopelessly addicted.
Even when I'm full
I seek snacks
To fill my emptiness.
To comfort my brokenness
To cease the pain.
My journey of the road to recovery
Will be long
And painful
And fraught with trying to make amends
For the horrible things I have done to my body.
To fix what is broken
To try and find something else
To fill the void.
To make the headaches
And the ****** feelings disappear.
Hayden Emily Rose Zhara
   Edmund black
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