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Sep 2018
as a young girl
I told my mother
I would never get married
and I stuck by that
for years

I got a boyfriend
but I knew
I was never
going to
marry him

but as time goes on
and I get older
and people around me
are getting married
and starting lives
I keep listening to love songs
and noticing
what I want
in a husband

and I am not one
to settle
or settle down
but I made a
google doc
devoted to songs
I want played at my wedding
even though
I've never wanted
a wedding

my loneliness keeps creeping
watching me
I've finally
succumbed to it
and I want
to make it go away

and for the first time
in my ever expanding
I want to stop being alone
and can't stop pondering
dream wedding

Written by
anon  F
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