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Sep 2018
The weight of all you do for me
has made my back sore.

My muscles ache from your care.
The chafing of each deed
reddens my skin, and I scratch
quietly asking for mercy.

I cannot take another straw
of your love for me, my love.
A single kind word
would break my back I fear.

Oh, yes, I fear, locked up in my head
for days and days,
unending, unyielding
to the release of sorrow or sadness.

Why am I doing sixty crunches a night?
To withstand
the crushing, folding, suffocation
of your adoration.

Yes, I must be.
Add ungrateful to my basket of emotional shopping
Iโ€™m buying.

I should have got a trolley,
But I didnโ€™t have a pound
and now my arms are aching
as well as my back.

If thereโ€™s an answer on the way
I heed it; faster, faster
along on feet of clay.

Love is too great
a weight
for me to bear.
Miss Tabitha Devereaux
     JaxSpade, Fawn, Melissa Rose, Mike Adam and Nyx
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