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Sep 2018
Life is not just birth and death
Live it fullest with each breath

Life is given by mother and father
It's essentially for these two rather

Life has colour, life has taste
Know its worth don't just waste

Life takes test, future gives grades
Profit and loss are sure in trades

Life is in woods as well as in sea
Still its not everyone's cup of tea

Life is metro like fast and full
Moves ahead by push and pull

Life can create either a lamb or a lion
Since there are only two faces of coin

Life gifts us few stars and few scars
Let words be free not behind the bars

Life enjoys win after broken by defeat
Loneliness makes memories sweat

Life is a myth and life is a magic
Someday hilarious ,someday tragic

Life is either silence or sound
Except these,nothing is found

Life puts question to soul and head
Both love and war are painted in red

Life is binary either zero or one
Dark as night or bright as sun

Life was child and life will be old
No clock is great enough to hold

Life lies in naked, behind the curtain
Then why to hide when end is certain

Life is beautiful, life is charm
Smile is therapy, worry is harm

Life seeks neither heaven nor hell
Fate will be kind if behaviour is well

Life is a student,also life is a teacher
Mind is a house, words are furniture

Life is too brisk, so take every risk
Some are unsung ,some are in disk

Life is voyage though bit short
Sail smooth and clinch the fort
Sahil Sharma
Written by
Sahil Sharma  22/M/India
     Sonia Ettyang and Fawn
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