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Sep 9
******* his baby's toes & no one knows
how he gets off w/ the kernel-size toes
between his teeth & on his tongue; don't
get weird, he's the best father ever;  they
share a secret language the baby understands as laughter;
daddy's girl grows up under his watchful
eyes as her feet expand from toddler Maryjanes
to small running sneaks to prim Easter pumps &
he sniffs the worn shoes remembering when
she was getting changed & her foot in her
mouth looked so tasty, she knew why he
wanted to **** them too, sharing the little
foot w/ her & come prom, she's trying on her
first stilettos & dad is lending a helping hand
******* each toe & licking the soles so they
slide right in, but before her date arrives  
& dad puts the shoes on her feet one last time
he ***** her stocking toes for over an hour in
the privacy of her room & she has to change
her pantyhose cause dad tore them w/ his teeth
Johnny  Noiπ
Written by
Johnny Noiπ  ...∞oπ♀︎xo∞...
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