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Sep 2018
The first one
A bully
Keeping me on a leash
Under threat of abandonment

The second one left
Moved to another state
Robbing me even
Of the opportunity to be chosen
To cut his goodbye cake

The third one was too girly
Weak willed, too easily embarrassed and self conscious
One who’d rather
Be the star of a pretend fashion show
Than attempt dangerous and
Exciting escapades
In the playground

The fourth were a pair
But new schools
Different interest
New friends
New workloads
Made it difficult to keep up
And the relationship drifted away

The fifth were once again a pair
But, too caught up in each other
Until a falling out with one
And a lack of opportunities to see the other
And eventual conflict between the two
Shattered that relationship to a fragment of its former self

The sixth was too self obsessed
With too many problems of her own
Sleep deprivation
Prone to sicknesses
Struggling with classes
And a general lack of social awareness
And extreme denseness
And seriousness
Ended that too

And now, I’m on the seventh
We shall see how it goes
Thus far we are two completely different specimens of people
One would opt for ****** Doo and Agatha Christy
The other for cheesy romance Asian dramas and light novels
One would rather be building the sets
The other, on the stage
One cares nothing at all for other’s thoughts
The other cares too much
One wants to be a police woman
The other simply cannot choose
It shouldn’t be possible
Yet it is
And perhaps, it is our extreme differences that bring us together
That keeps us from clashing
Maybe something in our respective personalities find solace in the other
Whatever the case
I hope we last
Written by
Anya  F
   --- and Elder D Anthony
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