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Sep 2018
As it should be,
for the greatest honor
           one can achieve
     in being chivalrous
     is dying chivalrous
                (a loyal death
           for a loyal cause)
     but where is loyalty
        in leaving behind
everything one swore
to protect?

   to blind loyalty,
  is man always
achieving perfection
in all ways
man can in order
to achieve the satisfaction
of the greatest
  state of being
   he can be in:
to the Lady,
to the King;
to the Lord,
                      but never loyal
                            to that loyalty
                     as if being loyal
                 is an excuse
             to transcend into
a separate reality
that asks no more
than the least
of a person's life
who would give so much.

                is blind loyalty
         to the blinding offer
        of honored dignity
  (of death with dignity);
of offered death
and dignity.
dying in order
to be satisfied
in leaving behind
the thing that one
is terrified to lose
because a blind man
is never terrified
to choose honor
an be glorified
of a life misused.
NOTE: Chivalry is death
zak of all trades
Written by
zak of all trades  16/M/Philippines
         April, Eleni, Bree and lydia XIII
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