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Sep 2018
How dreary this world appears to be  
When love does not rule the day;  
Everything that dwelt in harmony  
Now struggles in discord, gone astray  

Did the sun rise in the East today?  
It matters not that the sun rose at all!
Darkness will prevail where love has failed,
The shore weeps, though the tides rise and fall

And should a deluge cover the Earth,
Let each and every form of life die!
Without love, life loses all meaning,
Tell me, what purpose have you and I?

More than once a loveless day was mine,
And I swear, I would have preferred death;
(Fear of God's wrath would not taint the hour --
I'd pray for love with my dying breath)

Just the thought of living without love
Causes me to tremble and to shake;
Take everything that is dear to me,
But leave me some love, for goodness sake!

For love is all that really matters --
And there is no doubt that life is grand
When loneliness dwells on far-off shores,
And love walks beside us, hand in hand
Lorraine Colon
Written by
Lorraine Colon  Missouri
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