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Sep 2018
I find it funny
How we can be strangers to ourselves?
The new trend: "Finding yourself"
Your "True Identity"

How is it that we can't even recognize ourselves sometimes?
Our brain, thoughts, and hearts are their own apparently
We can't always control them
We question their motive

Trying to decipher ourselves like you would a new friend
We try to understand the "other voice" in our head
So we have two consciousness now?
One we were born with
The new splitting from the old like a multiplying cell
They are one in the same and yet not
They are fully you and fully not.
How does one begin to comprehend that?

We don't ever fully recognize ourselves
We just know the parts that have become a "regular" in our coffee shop brains.
Always busy, always moving
Lots of noise and blurred "faces"
But i know "that" one
They are here more often then not

So while i understand myself more than most,
While i can list every reason behind every decision,
I still surprise myself.
Because here comes a thought and/or emotion that i have rarely confronted,
And is thus, a stranger to myself.
Written by
Eyithen  21/F
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