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Dec 2012
Kiss me.
You are my woman.
Fearless, ****, ruled by Saturn.
My muse.
Fiery and timorous.
Hair of a lion, lips that sooth my body and soul.
Natural, scorching beauty and a mind like a whip.
A goddess to be touched with the love.
Love from thy fingertips encompassing every inch.
A body of beauty to gaze and ravish.
A mind of beauty to watch and devour.
Mine for always.

Kiss me.
I am your woman.
Untamed, nurturing, ruled by the moon.
Behaving in balance with stellar pulls.
Hips for bearing, ******* for worshipping.
Internal beams only you can see; smiles gleamed in the moment.
Listen to my soul and touch my heart.
Yours for always.

Kiss me.
Let our tongues wander the inner walls of our mouths.
Kiss me where our secrets and anecdotes lie.
Mouths straying from lips to necks,
Necks to *******,
******* to what lies between the thighs.
Moistness and anticipation building between the ears and legs.
Unyielding instants of uninhibited eye contact.
Rapture. Pain. Relief.
Everything rises to the surface.
Ours for always.
Shayne Somers
Written by
Shayne Somers
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