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Sep 2018
mary has gone with the wind,
lost herself finding the hope hiding within
jumped impulsively to the world so unknown
filled with lights and lies, smokes and flaws
but the road's one way, there's nowhere to go
she is as naΓ―ve as a young soul,
silently screams while the winds control her

curled on the bed as though a shrimp was elizabeth
countless questions started flooding her mind again
"hello darkness, what's on the other side of you?"
never will she know the answer, she supposed
colors were splashed all over the world but darkness conquered hers.
she, then, thought maybe it was better to just have her eyes closed.

with a pounding heart i walked closer towards the end of the cliff,
my eyes were closed and my senses were all ears; then i heard
"perfect was you, the body and face screaming of Aphrodite,
perfect was you, adored by the hearts of many,
perfect was you, the root sometimes of most's jealousy and insecurities
perfect was you, dearest Olivia…"
but never did i want to be perfect, i've always wanted to be loved.

choking because of the problems wrapped around our necks,
we hold on to battle the biggest challenges that come our way
until the world becomes so exhausting to live in
until the purpose is no longer the reason to live
may you be Mary, Elizabeth, Olivia, or yourself
as long as you can feel me easing your pain
do not give up just yet
; please.
this was written during lit class. anyway, remember that you're never alone. :)
Written by
nadine  F/Philippines
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