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Sep 2018
that Mr.Keats (we'll call him John) that John
was born on Hall(boo!)oween is handsome rich;
(poet of autumn dying young & so/on)

that John (or Mr.Keats to you,thou witch)
(good Christ!the chilly fallishness;the keen
& fitful gustsβ€”the gustiest of gustsβ€”
whispering here & there & in between
the softest,smoothest,whitest,ripest busts
'neath bowers a-bloom) was born on Hall(BOO!)oween
makes zombie Edgar Allen Poe(with rot
-ten faceflesh)hella jealous(smokin ***
is funnern huntin chupacabras ill)

that Mr.Keats (or John to you,thou *****)
was born on Hall(BOO!)oween is overkill
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