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Sep 2018
How long has the world known war
In some place or another over time~
It seems that there's always been one
Right down the history's longest vine~
One could not count the lives lost
Or the damage that wars alone have done~
Upon this beautiful planet
All those wars in time lost and won~
Some say war does employ lots of people
Gives everyone a job to do~
That newspapers make a fortune
Helps some politicians make it through~
It would be just so easy
For all to simply get along~
To work a little harder with each other
And all sing an earthly united song~
To lend a hand to poorer nations
And invite others to visit our shore~
For all countries to put their best foot forward
And yet still remain who they are for ever more~
If they could only not make God on earth
Money as it is now almost in every way~
People could still get rich don't panic
But life could be so loving and caring to this day~
Those in government could play more golf
And maybe even do more to help the poor~
So many tablets the sick and dying could afford
Without all the money spent alone on war~
Hospitals would be as they do their best to be
Travel would be affordable by all~
People would be helping each other all the time
And the number in prisons it would fall~
Doctors once more calling into homes
As they did when I was a lad~
Just to see how things were going along
Before this earth become somewhat more than sad~
Souls from different countries getting married
The racial thing would simply not exist~
More was ever done in life with love
Than ever accomplished with the fist~
It would be so very easy but of course
We have those on earth that would never agree~
As they don't care about love and friendship and happiness
It's whats yours is mine and mine belongs to me~
We come into this life with nothing
And when we go we take the same~
Our earth , our only home could be heaven on earth
But not as long as we've got war and hate and blame~

I often wonder why behind ever war
is religion .. How many know that
UNIQUE WEAPONS ( is it ) is owned by and one of
the Catholics largest investments

Terrence Michael Sutton
Copyright 2002
Written by
terrence michael sutton  76/M/Philippines
     laura and Emeka Mokeme
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